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Baker Blue Ocean, owned and operated by Darrin Baker (originally founded as Darrin Baker Fisheries Ltd) has been in operation since 1994, primarily operating as a private fishing company (lobster, crab, mackerel and tuna). However, due to the seasonality of fishing and downturn in the fishery stock, Darrin has successfully expanded his operations to providing charter vessel services for scientific research and private use. Darrin has recently (March 2016) upgraded his vessel (The Island Venture 1) with the latest fishing, communications, sonar/radar, and navigation technology specifically for scientific research and charter work. Rebranding to Baker Blue Ocean was completed in 2014 to support research and charter operations.

Darrin has been the captain of his own vessel for eighteen years and has thirty-two years of experience at sea (inshore and offshore). Baker Blue Ocean has successfully worked for the Ocean Tracking Network in partnership with Dalhousie University (an international research project) and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Darrin is a Transport Canada certified Captain.



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